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Strategic program planning and risk assessments means planning in a way that maximizes outcomes. Too many companies reach success once but then end up floundering. The reason is that these companies did not plan with any strategy in mind. Cyber Security Group ensures that all of its clients have a strategic Cyber Security plan that outlines the company’s vision and how it aims to achieve that vision.

Organizations are facing not only escalating cyber security risks, but also the near-certainty that they will suffer an information security breach.

A sharp focus on business structure, culture and risks will enable an organization to better safeguard the data essential to its survival and success. For many companies, this requires a fundamental transformation in how information security is understood within the business.

Creating a Master Security Strategic Plan around intelligence on threats and also business risks will support resilience in a constantly shifting landscape of risk; however, few companies today have the appropriate skills and resources in-house to effectively secure their information assets and at the same time optimize business performance.

Organizations in all sectors can benefit from an objective assessment of their information security programs and structures. Our Strategic Program Planning and Risk Assessment  framework is built upon a meaningful analysis of how information security shapes and fits into an organization’s overall risk management structure.

Our Our Strategic Program Planning and Risk Assessment  framework  assessment assists with:

  • Understanding your organization’s risk exposure
  • Assessing the maturity of your current cybersecurity program and identifying areas for improvement
  • Building a prioritized roadmap for project investments and organizational change initiatives
  • Collecting information to create benchmarks against other organizations
  • Validating that your security investments have improved your security posture
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All projects come with a degree of risks (some known, some unknown) and they will contain elements of risk.

Cyber Security Global’s approach is to assess these risks with you, establish appropriate mitigation plans and then proactively manage the identified risks to closure.

Cyber Security Global has a standardized risk management process that is used as a starting point to define the risk management plan.

A risk identification workshop is convened early on in the project planning phase where identified risks are assigned owners who will be responsible for developing mitigation plans. These plans are assessed and tracked by the project office and project risks become an ongoing focus item for the Risk Management Team reporting and reviews.

At a minimum, risk impact analyses and containment/contingrncy plans will include the following:

  • Financial impact on the project budget;
  • Schedule impact on declared deliverables;
  • Quality impact on satisfaction with the deliverable.

Typical risks include:

  • Full or partial interruption of service;
  • Departure of key employees;
  • Shortfall in skills and knowledge;
  • Compromised security levels;
  • Availability of appropriately skilled resources;
  • Lack of transparency;
  • Miscommunication.

You can be confident in the knowledge that Cyber Security Global has the skills, experience, processes and resources to manage any of the risks to your Cyber Security projects during all phases of the Cyber Security project life-cycle.

Our Cyber Security Risk Management Processes  include: Risk Identification, Risk Probability & Impact Analysis, Risk Management, Risk Tracking & Control, Risk Response Planning

We Apply Industry Standard Risk Benchmarks:

Plan Cyber Risk Management

We decide and finalize how to approach and plan the risk management activities for your project

Identify Cyber Security Risks & Threats

We determine which risks might affect the project and documenting their characteristics

Perform Cyber Security Qualitative Risk Analysis

We perform a qualitative analysis of risks and their conditions and prioritize their effects on the project objectives

Perform Quantitative Cyber Security Risk Analysis

We measure the probability/likelihood and consequences of risks and estimate their implications for project objectives

Plan Cyber Security Risk Responses

We develop procedures and techniques to enhance opportunities and reduce threats to the project’s objectives

Monitor and Control Cyber Security Risks

We monitor residual risks, identify new risks, execute risk reduction plans, and evaluate their effectiveness throughout the project life cycle

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High Quality Senior Risk Consultants

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Implement the ISO 31000 Risk Management Industry Standards

Our Risk Consultants will help you effectively implement the ISO 31000 Risk Industry Standards across your organization

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Implement Comprehensive & Proactive Cyber Security Risk Management Strategy & Delivery

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We Translate Your Cyber Security Risk Charts & Advise Next Steps

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We Establish & Maintain Your Cyber Security Risk Registers & Risk Break Down Structures (RBS)

Technical Risks
Project Mgmt Risks
Financial Risks
External Risks

Risk on the go! From Day One of the Cyber Security Project through the End....How will you handle Risks on Your Projects?