Managed Security Services


We provide Managed Services for our clients in the following areas:

  • IT Security information and event management, Intrusion prevention and detection, Application security, Next generation firewalls, End point protection, Data loss prevention, Web proxy and URL filtering, Vulnerability management, File integrity monitoring, Threat Detecetion

Our Threat Response & Reduction Center (TRRC) focuses on key threat areas facing all industries and organizations:

  • Authentication, Targeted Attacks, Malware, DDOS, Traffic Anomalies

Cyber Security Global™ – we help companies assess their Cyber Security capabilities and guide them to choose a new direction  and path that closes gaps and enhances more effective and efficient Cyber security solutions that eliminates current and future risks and challenges

Our Managed Services & Solutions

Protecting critical systems and data has never been more challenging. Every industry faces increased and intense pressure to bring innovation to the marketplace, connect with their customers, improve operations, grow their bottom line and ROI, and collaborate with their numerous partners and suppliers — all of which can present new risks to the enterprise.Mobile apps, third-party cloud-based services and BYOD also can put key business initiatives in direct conflict with their Cybersecurity policies. Organizations must quickly respond to these conflicts, assess potential threats, and allocate resources to minimize risk and ensure compliance.
Managed Security Services offers a complete array of comprehensive solutions in the domain of Managed Security Services for traditional data center, endpoint, identity and network management, as well as additional services to secure applications and next-generation platforms that covers cloud, mobility, and big data and analytics.Our highly skilled Cyber Security Global™ Consultants practitioners and Cyber Security Risk Management Centers bring an integrated approach to tools, technology and services, helping you focus on compliance, enterprise risk management and global threat intelligence, rather than simply reacting to the latest security metrics.
Cyber Security Global™’s Managed Security Services apply leading third-party tools along with the company’s own intellectual property (IP) to provide end-to-end solutions tailored to meet the needs of your business.Our Managed Security Services helps you address your security concerns through a controlled and managed approach and system that focuses on enterprise-wide security and the integrity of environments. Services include:Organizations must guard against rapidly changing threats, ranging from traditional malware to sophisticated, state-sponsored attacks.Some of our solutions are:

  1. Advanced End Point Threat Detection

We protect a wide range of endpoints from known and unknown malware and other attacks across traditional and cloud-based environments

  1. Integrated Security Solutions

Our Integrated Security Operations automates processes and prioritizes threats and vulnerabilities.

  1.  Application Security Services

We have the ability to quickly develop, test and deploy applications is crucial to the success of today’s business initiatives. Our Application Security Services help protect, monitor and better manage business-developed, open source and commercial applications by integrating robust security throughout the application life cycle.

  1. Cyber Cloud Security Services

As organizations seek ways to harness the agility and pay-per-usage benefits of private, public and hybrid cloud environments, security continues to limit the scope of cloud adoption. Our Cyber Cloud Security Services address the unique challenges of securing virtual environments for cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, giving you full visibility across traditional and next-generation platforms.


  1. Cyber Security Identity & Access Services

As criminals continue to expand their reach and regulators introduce mandates to increase the level of trust for online identities, identity management solutions have kept pace. Our global Identity Management portfolio provides the tools to manage user identities and their entitlements, and control access to information while meeting regulatory and security requirements.

  1. Cyber Security Risk Control Centers

Our Cyber Security Risk Control Centers combine the best security experts, processes and technologies to assist clients as they govern, detect, assess and respond to today’s changing threat landscape. Leveraging a set of integrated controls, our centers empower organizations to embrace disruptive, next-generation technologies to help minimize risk, automate compliance, optimize security and ultimately enable their business.





Organizations today need to find knowledgeable experts to help them develop a consistent and deliverable business continuity and disaster recovery solution that adheres to ever-changing domestic and international standards.
Crisis Management and Emergency Response Planing:
We build a crisis management program and recommend a team for the development and execution of the plan including: tool selection, process development, and validation testing. We then deliver an awareness and training program to executive management for plan readiness when implementation is needed.Cyber Security Global™ Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery solution portfolio includes the following services:Cyber Security Global™ helps our clients develop a mature program that increases resiliency in the event of catastrophic disruption. Our services are performed by certified Business Continuity professionals with extensive experience in IT operations and management who can provide both technical and business knowledge to each engagement.
WHY Cyber Security Global™?
  • We can implement technology solutions and services to large enterprises which are architected for each customer and is driven by customer tolerances for outages and data.
  • We can deliver reporting and metrics about business continuity and disaster recovery to business leaders
  • Our in-house consultants can provide assessments and audits to prepare an organization for industry/regulatory certification on a variety of BC/DR industry standards.
  • Our staff has industry-standard certifications, assuring the client of our expertise in service delivery and the depth of our ability to provide DR exercises globally


If Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) have not yet penetrated your systems and data, they will.  Well-funded and patient adversaries wield these modern, sophisticated threats to gain high-value information over a period of time while hiding in normal network traffic. To counter them, organizations need a multi-disciplinary defense to conduct business with confidence and protect their brand, clients and business.

In the era of highly sophisticated APTs, cybersecurity is not just about protecting equipment, people and data: It’s about countering APTs on a global scale to protect both traditional enterprise and cloud-based environments.

From Perimeter Defense to Actionable Intelligence

Cloud, social media, smart devices and other technology innovations give organizations new opportunities to collaborate with customers and partners, expand into new markets and reduce costs. However, they also give today’s determined, well-funded adversaries new avenues to steal intellectual property, wreak havoc on systems through denial-of-service attacks and harm an organization’s reputation.

In the past, it was possible to protect against adversaries by locking down networks with perimeter defenses and signature-based tools, such as antivirus, firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.

While malware and intrusion detection systems remain necessary to protect data from a variety of threats, they are no match for today’s APTs. This is because APTs are constantly evolving and morphing as they identify and exploit network vulnerabilities. Skilled adversaries work night and day to develop techniques to penetrate each individual organization.

APTs demand a shift in defensive thinking. Organizations must move from traditional perimeter defenses, designed solely to keep adversaries out, to strategies that detect when APTs are present and quickly disable them before they can cause harm.

Multidisciplinary Approach Needed

To counter APTs on a global scale, organizations require a multidisciplinary approach that integrates:

  • Actionable intelligence and countermeasures generated by monitoring and analysis tools that detect unknown threats
  • Rapid incident-response capabilities to isolate and shut down APTs before they can damage the business
  • Proactive, ongoing defense techniques to anticipate and guard against rapidly evolving APT tools, tactics and procedures

Conduct Business with Confidence

Cybersecurity is no longer a mere compliance matter or the “cost of doing business.” It has become a primary business challenge organizations must address.

To properly counter APTs, organizations need a next-generation approach that continually integrates threat-intelligence-based security services to track threat actors and groups and determine their tactics, techniques and procedures so infrastructure and sensitive data can be properly secured.

When organizations incorporate an effective counter-APT approach into their cybersecurity program, they can operate with confidence that their brand, shareholder value and business are resistant to rapidly emerging APTs.

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